New Perspectives

For A Better World

Michel van Amsterdam

—— Coach – Organizer – Speaker —–

These are (r)evolutionary times. Our world is changing rapidly. To be able to follow up each and every one of us has to evolve too.

That means learning to change perspectives, change our bandwidth, and the ways we work.

From a ME to a WE view, a shared global vision of a more personal as well a more collective responsibility. Entering the collective wisdom, and learning to Co-create together.

That is in a nutshell what this transformational coaching is about.

Make Yourself and the World

the Gift of

Becoming Truly Connected

  • with your self
  • with others
  • with nature
  • with spirit

  • Meaningful conversations
  • Looking at situations and problems from different angles
  • Opening up for new perspectives and possibilities 
  • Exercising Deep listening
  • Attention to what is coming up from deep inside and between us
  • Trusting that there is an inner wisdom that is far more creative than the mental mind
  • Use of reframing, other language, symbols, metaphors.
  • Slowing down
  • Letting go
  • Finding instead of searching

Medical Doctor, Collective Leadership Specialist, Certified Coach of the European Coaching Association, Host of the global Dialogue Summit

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